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LED Wireless Display, 4 Sensors Car Backup System
The wireless LED display shows the distance in feet The SD4-WLS Package
Item Price: $59.00 
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Wireless digital LED display shows distance in feet.
No need to layout the wires to connect the display unit.
Four rear backup sensors for wider range of coverage
Showing distance in feet
Frequency of alarm beeping changes according to the distance changing
Warning Distance: 1'- 10'
It is an easy installation model.
Display TypeLED with sound alarm
Display Size5"
Display ConnectionWireless
Alarm BeeperInside the Display Unit
Detecting Distance1' - 10'
Sensor's StyleDrill-in
Sensor's Size21mm
Sensor's Wire Length8 feet
Power SupplyDC 12V

It is an easy install system

Step 1: Connect the Electric Power Step 2: Install the Sensors
  • Open the trunk, on the back of the blanket, find the wires to the back light housing.
  • Use of a 12 volt multi-meter, Probe the appropriate wiring harness which heads toward the reverse light connector of the vehicle, looking for the wire which carries 12 volts + when reverse gear is engaged, and no voltage when reverse gear is disengaged. Never use a test light to probe wires.
  • Once you have located the proper reverse light power wire, connect the RED wire of the control center to the reverse light power.
  • Install 4 sensors in the rear bumper based on the instructions.
  • Make sure the sensors do not point at the ground. (The angle of the detecting signal is about 35 degree)
  • Run the wires of sensors into the trunk, and plug in the control center.
Step 3:Test the System
  • Backup the car and test the system
  • Test the display number with the actual distance.